Silverfort’s Unified Authentication Platform


Privileged, Non-Privileged, Subcontractors, Service Accounts

No Change to User Experience


Win, Mac, Linux, Mobile,
Managed, Unmanaged

No Software Agents on Clients


On-Prem, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Environments

No Inline Gateways


Infrastructure, Servers, Applications and Data (Including Proprietary Systems)

No Software Agents on Services

Apply Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for Any Sensitive Asset

Seamlessly enable strong authentication for every asset, even those that don't support it today, including proprietary systems, IoT devices, shared files and folders, critical infrastructure and more.
Deliver AI-based adaptive authentication across entire networks without installing software or changing individual assets, and without reducing productivity.
Apply Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for Any Sensitive Asset

Unified Authentication Platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Apply adaptive authentication in a holistic manner across complex, dynamic environments, even when assets are frequently added to the network or moved from one environment to another.
Consolidate all authentication management, policies and tokens across public cloud, private cloud and on-premise, for reduced costs, unified visibility and consistent user-experience.
Unified Authentication Platform for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

No Agents, No Local Configurations, No Inline Gateways

Enable multi-factor authentication without any modifications to endpoints and servers, using Silverfort's patent-pending technology. Avoid any additional labor and resource investment when new assets are added or removed.
Improve productivity by continuously analyzing behavior patterns without affecting user experience (no need to login through a dedicated portal/app).
No Agents, No Local Configurations, No Inline Gateways

Achieve Threat-Based Multi-Factor Authentication

Automatically enforce step-up authentication based on threat alerts from 3rd party security products - including firewalls, endpoint protection solutions and more.
Enforce real-time threat prevention while allowing legitimate users to easily prove their identity and avoid being blocked, for a perfect balance of security and productivity.
Threat-Based Multi-Factor Authentication

Strategic Partners

Industry Recognition

Read what leading industry analysts have to say about Silverfort.
Frost & Sullivan recognizes Silverfort for its New Product Innovation Award. “Frost & Sullivan believes that Silverfort’s solution will be disruptive to the market, with its ability to dynamically add protection without incurring any additional installation costs.”
Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst at 451 Research, explain that “by covering a broader set of use cases and resource types, Silverfort will have access to a greater swath of authentication telemetry and thus be able to make more informed contextual access decisions.”

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