Seamlessly Enhancing Every Authentication

Silverfort allows security teams to effectively prevent unauthorized access and data breaches in real-time across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Using Silverfort’s patent-pending technology, this is achieved without making any changes to endpoints and servers, without affecting user behavior, and without installing software agents or in-line gateways.


Privileged, Non-Privileged, Subcontractors, Service Accounts

No Change to User Experience


Win, Mac, Linux, Mobile

No Software Agents on Clients


On-Prem, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid

No Inline Gateways


Infrastructure, Machines, Applications and Data (Including Proprietary Systems)

No Software Agents on Services

How We Help Our Customers

Enabling multi-factor authentication for any sensitive resource

Easily enforce MFA for every sensitive user or resource, including resources that don’t support MFA at all (such as IT infrastructure, proprietary systems, file servers, remote access to machines and VMs), without any integration or software installation.

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Enabling adaptive risk-based authentication across all systems

Automatically analyze users’ access patterns across all systems and environments, and require step-up authentication whenever users’ behavior appears abnormal or risky. Protect even resources that no other adaptive authentication solution can support.

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Providing holistic protection for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Apply Silverfort’s protection across all environments (including on-prem, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid), even when resources are added to the network, or moved from one environment to another (for example during cloud migration).

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Protecting service accounts (machine-to-machine access)

Protect your company’s service accounts (used for automation and other machine-to-machine access scenarios), with advanced monitoring and automatic access policies which prevent anyone from stealing or misusing them.

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Providing full access visibility and vulnerability assessment

Create a full access map of the entire organization, with advanced auditing, reports and actionable insights about authentication vulnerabilities, credential theft and insider threats.

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